Luxury Miami Condos

Are you in the marketplace for an opulent big town apartment but are discouraged by the tax implications of bigger cities? Continuum Miami may have just the solution your looking for. With an abundance of luxury condos Miami could be the just the move you need to satisfy your thirst for culture and financial needs being that Florida has lower individual tax rates than larger cities like Manhattan, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Miami is speedily becoming one of the most anticipated cities in the world for real estate. The magnificent properties, wonderful views, active social scene, and rich culture Miami offers has garnered both but domestic and world attention. The Miami Property market is booming and continues to reflect strength and expansion. In fact, sixty-two percent of customers in Miami are international buyers.

From what used to be a seasonal city, Miami has transformed to a year-round hot spot destination. Commonly referred to as a “little New York,” Miami is the second most well liked financial center in the country to NYC. In reality, many financiers and New York A-listers have made the move to the hot, attractive, cultural city. It’s also one of the top five beach towns in the world.

Representing the apex of extravagant living, these South Beach properties offer conveniences similar to a five-star resort. Standard facilities include floor-to-ceiling windows, 24-hour concierge and security services, health clubs and spas, business centers, beach access, and unheard-of ocean front perspectives. Luxury apartments on South Beach are all ideally located for delight in everything South Beach has to offer.