Empty Nesters

So the children finally left home. Of course you feel proud and excited, after all you’re babies are all grown up now, right? Well if not, you might have come down with a case of empty nest syndrome? You are most likely asking, what is empty nest syndrome? According to Psychology Today, Empty Nest Syndrome “is a sense of isolation or depression that occurs among folks after children grow up and leave home.” Now, does that sound at all familiar? Like so many folks before you, dealing with empty nest syndrome can turn into a grueling task. Its saddening to know they are out of the house, living all alone, and starting to write the story to their own lives without you. However, fear not, if you are an empty nester pondering what precisely to do next, there is a solution for you known as empty nesters travel. It’s time to embrace being an empty nester and begin to celebrate life after your children have grown up.

Coming down with a case of the travel bug with a family in toe can truly add a lot of stress to your travel plans. Although the family vacations may have provided you with some of your most cherished memories, it’s time to start exploring on your own. After all, the kids have eventually flown the coup and you’re free to see and do the things you were unable to do before. As a parent, traveling was always more about your youngsters than it was about you. However, now you’ve got the liberty to embrace empty nest traveling.

Did your children used to gripe about going to museums? Did hearing “Dad this is so boring!” or “Mom, when’s lunch?” and “Why can’t we go to the theme park like all the other kids?” make it harder to take in all the sites? Was it hard to really enjoy exploring art, history, and culture with a cranky 5 year old tugging at your shirt and yelling in your ear? Now, you can join empty nesters as they travel to the places they need, on their terms, and can see what they’d like to see! What about all those long summer hikes you always hankered after to take? Back packing through the Rockies can be tricky when you have a push-chair, nappy bag, and all the essentials for your kids. But now that the youngsters are writing off their own stories, you can do the same for you!

Spending a week in Tahiti can be tough when your kids have a gymnastics competition and cheerleading practice to go to. However, those days are gone! With the youngsters grown, and summer football practices a thing of years past, empty nesters travel to where they want when they want and don’t have to fret about making it home in time for practice.

Now that you’ve raised your kids, the time’s come to begin doing things as a couple again. As an empty nester you’ve achieved the freedom to celebrate life your way. Whether its traveling around the globe or exploring your house state, embrace wherever empty nesters travel. So what are you waiting for?